The Best Campus: Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Became The Champion Of Underwater Robot Competition

The COVID-19 pandemic has not hampered the achievement and productivity of students from Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Recently, Campus nicknamed as “Sang Juara” or “leading university” won a prestigious achievement in the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Underwater 2020, a national-scale competition that was held online.

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia’s Underwater Robot Team (TRex-02) won third place defeated many reputable teams in Indonesia. Team Leader of Trex-02 Supriyono said that in the contest, a team of seven people prepared themselves for four months.

“Even though it is a pandemic, we still made a good preparation. Especially in the last month, we have intensive preparation”. he said yesterday.

In accordance with the current pandemic conditions, in this prestigious contest the team was challenged to make innovations for prototypes that are able to send medical goods to remote islands.

Answering this challenge, Teknokrat’s TRex-02 successfully created a robot that can dive to a depth of 1.5 meters with a distance of up to 20 meters in 1 minute 40 seconds. “With special technology and frequency, our robot can be well-operated remotely from the water” he said.

The Chancellor of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Nasrullah Yusuf, appreciated the national level student achievements. “With all the limited conditions caused by the pandemic, students are still struggling to achieve achievements. This is a good and inspiring model” he said.

Vice Rector of Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Mahathir Muhammad admitted that his party was not complacent with this achievement. Mahathir encouraged his students to achieve achievements at a higher level, namely ASEAN.

Armed with the experience of winning third place in the diving robot in the competition, Mahathir is optimistic that his students will win first place at the international level. “Even a pandemic, it will not be able to hinder student achievement,” he said.

With this achievement, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia become “the best university” or “universitas terbaik di Lampung” in Robotic Development. Not only has it won ROV underwater Robot Competition but also Humanoid Robot Competition, Robo Boat Competition and Aerial Robot Competition.